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Property For Sale Wellington

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Comprendé Real Estate Limited | Licensed Under REAA 2008

Angelina Tucci

Angelina Tucci

Property Manager & Real Estate Salesperson

Angelina is an experienced professional with extensive industry knowledge gained over nearly two decades of working in both Australia and New Zealand. Having grown up in Perth, and later moving to New Zealand, she has acquired valuable expertise to offer her clients. Angelina's friendly demeanour, compassion, and genuine love for building relationships make her a trusted professional in the field. She prides herself on her strong work ethic and unwavering dedication, always striving to exceed her clients expectations. When working with Angelina, you can expect exceptional service and a personalised approach tailored to your selling experience.
Sapphire Goldfinch

Sapphire Goldfinch

Property Manager & Real Estate Salesperson

Sapphire is known for her kind and genuine approach to every situation. With a passion for helping others, she excels as a problem-solver and brings a level-headed approach to challenges. Sapphire always has a friendly demeanour and positive attitude. Her invaluable skills and professionalism make her an invaluable member of our team. Experience Sapphire's unwavering dedication and expertise in guiding clients through their real estate journey, ensuring a rewarding and enjoyable experience.
Anita Smith

Anita Smith

Chief Operating Officer & Real Estate Salesperson

With more than ten years of experience in the Wellington property industry, Anita has established herself as a dedicated professional. She's not just passionate about what she does, she genuinely cares about her clients and always goes above and beyond to provide a top-notch service. Her in-depth knowledge of the local market is second to none, and she loves sharing valuable insights to help her clients make informed decisions. Anita's commitment to providing a friendly and professional service ensures that clients can embark on their real estate journey with complete trust and peace of mind.
Angelique Mitchell

Angelique Mitchell

Real Estate Salesperson

Angelique’s background has always been within sales, from retail through to looking after advertising agencies in Wellington as an account director at TV3. Since having two girls, now aged 15 and 17 years, she has become passionate about Real Estate. Angelique has been working as an independent licensed residential agent for more than 10 years in Wellington. Her warm, friendly and genuine demeanour enables what is often perceived as a stressful process/ transaction, far more comfortable and ultimately enjoyable. She also understands and appreciates the importance of developing long-term relationships with vendors and buyers alike.
Grant Foggo

Grant Foggo

Chief Executive Officer & Real Estate Salesperson

Grant is the Director of Comprendé, and is a driven and passionate Real Estate Salesperson. He brings a unique perspective and innovative thinking to his role, this expertise helps to navigate his clients through the selling process with care and professionalism. Grant is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals and has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor. Grant's leadership skills shine as he guides and supports his team at Comprendé, fostering a collaborative and dynamic environment. His unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of his work.
Angela Little

Angela Little


The supervision of our sales team is no problem for Angela. With over 30 years’ experience in real estate at all levels, Angela gained a Diploma in Real Estate to become a Licensee Agent back in 2004.

Angela has sold properties, managed and grown several businesses, and is known for her passion for growth and ability to help others achieve their full potential while keeping a close eye on compliance and operations.

Although based in Auckland, we often enjoy Angela's company here in Wellington.

Are you in the market for your initial home purchase, or perhaps considering selling your investment property to boost your financial portfolio? Our real estate salespeople will help you buy and sell real estate in Wellington with ease.

If you are a buyer, we will conduct market research on your behalf to determine what property you can afford and negotiate the rates with the owner. If you are a seller, we will help you set the best price for your property and attract potential buyers, so you can sell your investment property as soon as possible. Our commitment is to facilitate a seamless and efficient process for both buyers and sellers in the dynamic real estate market.

Property for Sale Wellington

The real estate landscape in Wellington is diverse with residential properties catering to different budgets. If you are selling your property in Wellington, you must know the current average price of a home which is approximately $1.1 million - prices have increased compared to the previous year.

If you are a buyer, Wellington offers appealing alternatives of more budget-friendly options across various neighborhoods. For instance, Wellington Central is more affordable, with a median house price of $492,850 as at the end of 2023. This is because there are many apartments in that area, making it a budget-friendly option.

On average, the timeline for completing a property purchase in Wellington can take around 30 to 45 days. However, this can be shorter or longer. In addition to the property price, buyers also need to pay additional costs such as legal fees, stamp duty, land transfer tax. It's important to budget for these additional costs to avoid any financial surprises during the purchasing process.

Our Wellington property management & real estate service can simplify the process of buying and selling in the region. Our experienced real estate property managers guide you through the process and help you buy a home that meets your needs and aspirations in this bustling city.

How To Improve the Chances of Selling A Property

Selling a property presents challenges for property owners in Wellington’s competitive market. A common hurdle is the struggle to attract potential buyers which often stem from issues such as outdated interiors, dull curb appeal, or neglected maintenance. To address this, a proactive approach to improve the property's overall appeal is essential. These improvements not only capture the interest of potential buyers but also increase the property's market value.

To enhance your chances of selling a property in Wellington real estate market promptly, consider the following steps.

  • Create a neat and inviting space by decluttering your home and ensuring it is impeccably clean.
  • Select a knowledgeable and experienced real estate salesperson who understands the Wellington market to help you navigate the selling process effectively.
  • Price your property competitively by researching the current market trends, ensuring it aligns with similar properties in the area, making it more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Stage your home in an appealing way and market it strategically to appeal to a wide range of buyers. High-quality photographs and engaging descriptions can significantly enhance your property's online presence.
  • Consider setting a short settlement period, making your property more appealing to buyers looking for a swift and hassle-free transaction, potentially expediting the sale process.

If you don’t have time to work on these things, allow us to help. We have a team of real estate property managers in Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, and across Wellington to manage your property and make it appealing to potential buyers.

Why Choose Comprendé

As a seller, finding a trustworthy and experienced real estate salespeople who is well-aware of the current trends of the real estate Wellington and can facilitate a swift and efficient property sale is crucial. Our profound understanding of the Wellington property market makes us the ideal choice for anyone seeking to sell their property. We support both property owners and buyers throughout the process of buying and selling including all the paperwork. With our real estate service, you will have a seamless experience in property sale and purchase.

Book Free Sales Appraisal to Accurately Price Your Property

A sales appraisal, also known as a property appraisal or valuation, is an evaluation to determine the estimated market value of a property. Property owners seeking to sell their homes often request a sales appraisal to understand the property's current market worth. During a sales appraisal, we assess factors such as the property's location, area, condition, recent sales of comparable properties in the area, and current market trends. Based on this evaluation, our estate salespeople provide the owner with an estimated value, which helps in setting an appropriate selling price of the residential property.

We leverage our knowledge of the local real estate market to provide accurate and competitive pricing recommendations when listing your homes for sale. We will also offer valuable insights into market demands and buyer preferences to help you easily sell your property in the market.

Why Choose us?

As a vendor, you want a reliable and knowledgeable agent who understands the intricacies of the local market and can help you sell your property quickly and efficiently. That's where we come in. With 8 years of experience in property management for rentals, we expanded our services to include property sales. Our understanding of the Residential Tenancy Act and our in-depth knowledge of the Wellington property market make us the perfect choice for anyone looking to sell their property. Our commitment to taking care of both owners and tenants during the sales process sets us apart from the competition. Choose us as your agent and experience a hassle-free and successful property sale.

Property For Sale Wellington

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