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We are turning traditional property management on its head. Gone are the days of grumpy and unfair property managers. Our experience tells us that landlords and tenants want similar outcomes and everyone wants life to be stress free, we are here to facilitate that relationship.

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Grant Foggo Director

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Anita Smith Property Manager

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The operational backbone

Tia Cooper Sales Manager

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We do property differently

What is Comprendé?

Comprendé means “to understand and include,” and that’s what we do. We understand Property, Investors, and Tenants. To ask a specific question or arrange a meeting send an email to tia@comprende.co.nz. We look forward to answering any of your questions and hopefully meeting you soon.

Why Comprendé?

Frustrated with the general level of service and the perception that investors and tenants had of Property Managers we formed Comprende. With combined experience in Operational, Sales and Strategic planning within the Property Management and multiple other sectors we believe we can make a difference to those clients that choose to trust us.

Our History

Established in December 2014, Comprendé were appointed as the Property Managers for the newly constructed 73-bed Wigan Tower in central Wellington, and have quickly added a large number of individual investors as customers.

To make it easy for you, all of our properties are listed on TradeMe. If you have any property-related questions please email tia@comprende.co.nz. Sign up to our newsletter and get the latest news and most recent property updates delivered straight to your inbox.

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