Why Real Estate Professionals Should Establish a Partnership with a Wellington Property Manager

Grant Foggo

At Comprende, we are professional property managers serving the greater Wellington region. We work with a wide variety of real estate agents, and today we want to take a few moments to explain why it’s important to partner with a property management company if you specialize in selling real estate. 

How We Can Help

Perhaps you have a client who is trying to sell a property but cannot get the right price. Maybe you work with people who are moving out of their home in order to buy a new property or to travel, and they’re not ready to sell their current home yet. These are excellent reasons to rent their property out. When they rent out their home, they can continue earning money on it until they’re ready to sell. It will also appreciate in value, providing a little extra income now and in the future. 

When you have a client who decides to rent out a home, a qualified and professional property management company can be one of your best assets. Turn that home over to property managers like us so you can continue doing the great work you do as a real estate professional.

Property Management Requires Expertise

As you know, being a real estate agent requires a specific set of skills, talents, tools, and resources. It’s the same with property management; our processes are just a little bit different than yours. When you work with a property management company to rent out properties for one of your clients, you can be sure that everything will be done professionally, efficiently, and according to the rental laws. You don’t want to put a client’s investment property at risk by not completely understanding what’s required or staying up to date on the changing Residential Tenancies Act. 

Finding Exceptional Renters

With a great property manager as your partner, you’ll be assured that your clients have a well-qualified tenant in place. That tenant will pay rent on time, follow the terms of the lease, and help to take care of the property. Property managers know what to look for when screening applications and showing properties. We can separate the great tenants from the bad tenants and protect your client’s property by placing a renter who will provide a great investment experience and cause little stress. 

Maintaining Homes and Increasing Value

Count on having an experienced managerYou can also count on having an experienced manager take care of your client’s home. We will respond to routine as well as emergency maintenance. We’ll pay attention to functions and systems that need servicing, cleaning, and preventative maintenance. While we’re taking care of a property, the maintenance expenses will be lower than if you were doing it yourself, thanks to the excellent relationships we have with Wellington’s best vendors and contractors. We’ll protect and preserve the condition of the property, conduct regular inspections, and work with the tenants to keep it clean and in good shape. 

We have some great relationships in place with Wellington’s best real estate professionals. If you’d like to talk more about the benefits of partnering with our firm, please contact us at Comprende. It all starts with a conversation.