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Comprendé for Property Owners

Seamless property advice and management.  

With more than 50 years  combined years experience, we do things differently to get the best out of your investment.



We have high standards, and you can be confident we’ll deliver. What you can expect from us is expert advice, open communication, and diligence towards your property. You’ll never be left wondering if you’re in the right hands.



Comprendé means to “understand and include,” and that’s exactly what we do. Our team has a deep understanding of what investors and tenants need from us, and we take pride in facilitating that – the Comprendé way.



We love what we do, and we truly believe we can make a difference. We are regularly challenging the status quo in the industry with new initiatives and top-notch service.

Our Unique Approach


    Keep your finger on the pulse while we take care of everything. View up-to-date financial activity at any time through our client portal. Our property managers will also keep you informed by uploading inspection information on site via iPads.


    Be confident that we will deliver on our promises. We’ve built a solid system of processes, roles, and individual ownership that holds us accountable for performing at our best, all the time.


    We have the experience to know when a molehill can turn into a mountain, so we make it our job to stay ahead of it. Prioritising tenant relationships & keeping in touch with you can save time and money in the long run - it’s those simplest measures that provide the best results.

Our Rates



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New Tenancy Fee



Routine Inspections



Smoke Detectors

  • “Tia and the team work for you to maximise the potential of your property portfolio. Big or small, they value you and take away your property management issues.”

    Isabelle Harper Property Investor
  • "It has been pleasant dealing with you. Always a fast and clear response with good follow-up. If I or someone else ever need a rental in Wellington, I will contact you again." 

    Michael Smit Tenant
  • "It's been an absolute pleasure renting through Comprende over the past two years. The team has always been quick to deal with any issues, and are professional and top class communicators! They've made our stay so enjoyable. We couldn't ask for a better service and would highly recommend them to anyone!

    Alan Tighearnaigh Tenant
  • "The team at Comprende were amazing from start to finish. Very professional, very diligent, and very quick to respond to any problems."

    Nate Godfrey Tenant
  • "Exceptional service, supreme professionalism, and great communication. The team at Comprende make our lives as landlords so easy and stress-free. I would highly recommend!"

    Matt and Carol Loader Property Investors

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