Communication Tips for Your New Zealand Investment Property

Grant Foggo

When you’re renting out a property, it’s important that you communicate well with your tenants. You also need to communicate with maintenance vendors, contractors, council, offices, lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, and other professional advisors. As a residential landlord you’ll spend a lot of time talking and writing to other people. 

Good communication will contribute towards a successful rental experience for everyone. Bad communication can lead to misunderstandings, tenant disputes, and costly mistakes. We’re sharing some tips today about how to communicate better when you own an investment home. 

Set Communication Expectations Early

You’ll find that some tenants like to communicate frequently, and others will be perfectly content not hearing from you for the entirely of the lease. Talk to your tenants before they move in about procedures and processes for communication. You should make sure they have your contact information in case there’s an emergency and they need to get in touch with you right away. Explain what constitutes an emergency so they aren’t calling you in the middle of the night for non-important reasons. 

When tenants understand their responsibilities and your expectations, there will be fewer questions. Be thorough when you’re showing them how the house works. Discuss how and when rent should be paid and what they should do if it looks like they will pay late. Talk about your maintenance procedures and what they’ll have to do to prepare before moving out. Set a standard for open and transparent dialogue.

Respond Promptly to Tenant Concerns

When something goes wrong, you need to be responsive and accessible. If there’s a maintenance emergency at the property such as a fire or a water leak, you need to take care of it right away. Not only will your tenant need your help; you’ll also want to protect the condition of your investment. 

Non-emergency maintenance issues also require a prompt response. Consider having your tenants put these issues in writing to foster better communication. If tenants email or text you their repair needs, you’ll have them documented and clear. You can demonstrate your response and create a paper trail that shows when the response came in and what action was taken. It protects you and it allows you to establish written and documented communication as it pertains to maintenance. 

Provide Multiple Ways to Communicate

Provide Multiple Ways to CommunicateEveryone prefers different methods of communication. Your younger tenants might prefer to do everything through messaging and social media. Other tenants might prefer phone calls. Make sure you’re willing to communicate in many different ways so you’re sure to reach your tenants. You also want to be available to them in ways that they’re comfortable. 

One of the best ways to improve your communication is by hiring a professional Wellington property management company. When you work with a property manager, you will only have to communicate with your management company. Your experienced and qualified management team will handle all the tenant relations and other communication requirements. It saves you time and a lot of headaches.

If you have any questions about how to communicate better or you’d like to hear more about our services, please contact us at Comprende. It all starts with a conversation.